Founders of Komrads. World lovers and sneaker addicts. But most of all caring parents. So much we decided to help our future generations, all future generations, to protect and grow a more liveable planet. With less waste and more fun.

We saw the strength of brands and how people believe that today it’s more up to brands to make a difference in the world than political institutions. We felt we could also make a difference for our planet if we could put our efforts in a sustainable brand with genuine sustainable products that would rebuild the planet in stead of tearing it down.

We dream of a better tomorrow, so we make products with brighter futures for today and tomorrow’s generations.

Since we are in the no-waste business we decided to recycle an old but bold brand with a history. We chose Komrads, once a symbol of anti-capitalism, to recycle into a contemporary eco-rebel brand.

The story of Komrads brings us way back in history: during Soviet Times the Czech Boot Company designed their trademark model as an answer to the Western shoe revolution. However, production was discontinued in 2009 and the story would have stopped there if it wasn’t for our “luv” of this iconic sneaker. Keeping true to its origins, but now in a full circular way, from sole to top. Using recycled cotton.

Komrads has always been about celebrating personality and individuality. A brand and product everyone can relate to, young and old, gender neutral, race indifferent, income agnostic… we’re here to stay for all future generations.

The more we became aware of production processes, the more questions we had about the fashion industry.

How polluting is this industry? What about the Rana Plaza disaster and the numerous sweatshops? What about the fact that less than 1% of material used to produce fashion is recycled into new clothing? What about climate change? Every year 18M hectares of Rain Forest -an area the size of England and Wales – is felled and replaced by great swathes of palm oil trees and rubber plantations (the main material used to make sneakers).

And so, this was the starting point of our dream. A dream to produce a comfortable and fashionable sneaker that does not cause harm to our planet. A sneaker for which we do not have to harvest natural commodities. A sneaker built entirely from re-used and recycled materials.

Because we honestly want to make this planet a better place to live on.