FAGUO is a sustainable French fashion brand founded in 2009. Frederic and Nicolas, at that moment 22 years old, were both interrested in fashion & business. So during their university exchange semester in China they decided to create a responsible sneakers brand named FAGUO. The name FAGUO means “France” or more precisely “Country of Law and Manners” in Chinese. They also had the idea to compensate the carbon emissions due to the shoes production. For that, FAGUO’s concept is simple: we plant a tree for each pair of shoes, apparel & accessory that is sold.

In 2019 FAGUO planted more than 1.500.000 trees in nearly 250 forests all over France. The past 10 years FAGUO have compensated all of their CO2 emissions. Thanks to the phenomenon of photosynthesis, trees consume, on the average, about 7kg equivalent of CO2 per year and the equivalent of 1,000 kg CO2 in their lifetime. Since the average FAGUO product emits the equivalent of 6 kg of CO2, so FAGUO can say that their emissions are well-compensated!

Now a days FAGUO is available across 220 selected stores in France such as Printems de l’Homme, Galeries Lafayette, BHV and Fleux, as well as many others! Abroad, FAGUO continues it’s developments in already more than 23 countries.

Faguo, wear it simple.