The original shoes with the pockets.

KangaROOS is a truly heritage sneaker brand famous for its secret stash pocket and Dynacoil sole.

The brand still remains true to it’s sports origin and combines a genuine athletic heritage with an ethos that consistently values the original and the unexpected.

KangaROOS was created in the 80’s by an American architect by the name of  Bob Gamm.

The regular and collabo collection presented in our partner stores are well-known and sought after beyond the sneaker scene: Kanye West, one of the most prominent wearers of our shoes, has also worn his PATTA x KangaROOS WOODHOLLOW hiking boots for the Louis Vuitton Show.

Nowadays KangaROOS is still famous in the sneaker game  for it’s unique limited handmade in Germany sneakers where they work closely together with partners such as Overkill, Afew, Hanon, Sneakerbaas , Earth Water and many more famous stores and brands.